DEMTECH confirms its participation as exhibitor


In addition, through this company, LABOUNTY and NPK, companies member of EDA, will be present at the DDR Forum & Expo 2017.

DemTech BV has 35 years of experience a very strong position taken in the demolition and recycling industry in the Benelux.

With a strong range of leading brands worldwide DemTech strong presence in both the demolition, recycling and civil engineering.

After establishing DemTech BV 10 years ago, the company is expanding in the delivery.

Besides the delivery of Japanese attachments NPK, the German Soil Air Missiles ESSIG and the Dutch headhunters of TAETS it is DemTech always looking for the right extension.

In 2016 this beautiful program was complemented by the world brand LaBounty. LaBounty owes its strong position in the market by producing very good shears. Machines which carelessly run from 7 to 5. year after year with minimal maintenance.

Combined with Labounty DemTech BV has the dealership of Horst Sprenger received GmbH, which was acquired by Stanley Labouny in 2013. Horst Sprenger will be called HS-Blades and produces knives for both mobile and stationary scrap shears.

Besides delivery has DemTech BV also strong and broad rental program (scrap) shears, pulverizers and hammers for 0.7 to 80 Tons cranes.

Still looking for a young used machines from our rental park, or a completely reconditioned? DemTech sells used machines at all times with a warranty period of 3 months. During repairs or service you are always welcome to take a look in our kitchen.