The European Demolition Industry Report 2016 will be launched in October



The European Demolition Association, EDA, is finalizing the edition of this document, which will be presented in the Think tank the association organizes on October, 27, 2016, in Brussels, Belgium.

After closing the surveys, the Technical area of the association is processing the data collected, which will show the situation of the European demolition industry.

Last June, in the frame of the EDA 2016 Annual Convention, the General Manager of the German Demolition Association and leader of the Statistics Group of EDA, Mr. Andreas Pocha, explained the first data collection of the report.

The European Demolition Industry Report 2016 represents a major attempt to have solid data with standardized methodology about the demolition market and its propose is to have a global EU view combined with a national view of the countries directly related with EDA.

The report will be available on the EDA website.