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How do demolition companies see themeselves in their countries?


This means just an example of what kind of data can be found in the European Demolition Industry Report 2017, which says that the 50% of the interviewed companies see themselves small, the 40%, medium, and only the 10%, large.

EDA, involved in the workshop on “Fostering investment in construction and demolition waste recycling infrastructure”


This workshop will serve to discuss exemplary business cases that have been identified in the study and that can be used to increase investment in Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling infrastructure, especially in regions still lagging behind with respect to the 70% target of the EU Waste Framework Directive.

Working safer with construction machines


The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers, EFBWW, the European Construction Industry Federation, FIEC, and the Committee for European Construction Equipment, CECE, decided to apply for a joint project aiming at improving the safety and health conditions when working with construction machinery.

New edition of the Concrete Dialogue


Organized by The Concrete Initiative organizes the “Concrete Dialogue 2017: Renewing Europe’s infrastructure: needs, challenges and opportunities”, which will be held on November 21 at The Square, Brussels (Belgium).

Discounted tickets for EDA members at World Demolition Summit 2017


The World Demolition Summit (WDS), organised by Demolition & Recycling International in co-operation with the EDA, takes place in London, UK on Thursday November 2 – and members of the EDA and national associations can receive a 20% discount on the cost of tickets by registering online and using the code 20WDS.

Do you know the main activity of the demolition companies in Europe?


This means just an example of what kind of data can be found in the European Demolition Industry Report 2017, which says that the 30% of the interviewed companies are engineerings (running mainly jobs as project manager for demolition) and the 29% are general contractors, doing all types of demolition jobs regularly.

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