European Demolition Industry Report


The purpose of the European Demolition Industry Report is to have a global EU view combined with a national view of the countries associated to EDA that will undoubtedly help demolition industry stakeholders in their knowledge of the business inbounds and abroad.

The European Demolition Industry Report goes from the general to the specific, and contains data concerning the economic, social and industrial context, the construction sector and the demolition industry.

This report represents a major attempt to have solid data with standardized methodology about the demolition market.


First report – 2015

EDA has elaborated this document, which means the first real approach at European level specific for the demolition industry.

In order to gather the information, EDA designed a two-phase survey at a European level, with translations to several languages so that mistakes and misinterpretations could be avoided.

The first phase concerned more general questions and resulted in a European and Country-by-Country general overview.

Mr. Andreas Pocha, General Manager of the German Demolition Association (Deutscher Abbruchverband, DA) and head of the EDA Statistics work group, already gave a presentation in the EDA Annual Convention 2015, held in  Helsinki, with the information gathered in this first phase.

The second phase was a much more detailed demolition-centred set of questions that resulted in the Special Report on demolition industry country-by-country, treating areas such as Companies and activities, Industry, Equipment, Material handling, Waste management, Regulations and Standards.

Data was gathered thanks to the participation of hundreds of demolition contractors from 16 different countries.


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