EDA Fall Conference 2010


The European Demolition Association, EDA, organizes every year a meeting of the demolition industry from all over Europe. This meeting, called the EDA Annual Conference , has an important technical part, with presentations about new developments, case stories, and round table discussions.

At the same time, the EDA Annual Conference is an excellent opportunity to network and meet colleagues, contractors, manufacturers, associations and other agents related to the demolition industry.

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Wednesday 8th September

11.30 – National Associations’ meeting

16.00 – National Associations’ Senior Officers available for a one-to-one meeting with sponsors

20.00 – Welcome reception

Thursday 9th September

08.30 – Registration & coffee/tea available at the sponsors’ area outside the conference room

09.30 – Opening of the conference by EDA President Mr. Giuseppe Panseri

09.40 – “Demolition of a school after a major fire”, by Vice-President of Institute of Demolition Engineers, Mr. John Woodward, C & D Consultancy, UK

10.00 – Sponsor presentation: EDA IC member KOMATSU, by Mr. Michael Atkinson

10.10 – “Decommissioning of the historic Monteluce Hospital in the heart of Perugia – the relationship between the community and the institutions: from a critical situation to an opportunity”,

Mr. Stefano Chiavalon, EDA IC member General Smontaggi, Italy

10.30 – Presentation of EU Project Alert / Company presentation France/Denmark/Sweden (TBC)

10.50 – Q & A

11.00 – Coffee break at the sponsors’ area outside the conference room

11.30 – “Controlled explosion of a double silo in Ciudad Real”, by EDA Vice-President Ms. Pilar de la Cruz, IC Member Voladuras y Demoliciones, Spain

11.50 – Sponsor presentation available

12.00 – “Technical demolition and facade retention of London’s famous Cafe Royal, a project including the use of advanced 3D modeling and vibration monitoring”,

NFDC President Mr. David Darsey and Stuart Accleton, both from Erith Group, UK

12.20 – Q & A

12.30 – Working lunch in the sponsors’ area

13.30 – “Dismantling project in the middle of two explosion-risk areas and close to a shock-sensitive turbine in the petrochemical industry”,

Mr. Marcel Schröder, EDA IC member Richard Liesegang, Germany.

13.50 – Q & A

14.00 – Panel debate about the future of demolition in Europe moderated by journalist Ms. Laura Donadoni, Italy

  • In the light of the economic crisis, is it better to have a vertical, super-specialized business model or a broad business model with skills in a number of sectors?
  • If the business model is to be broadened, then the environmental sector is probably the main one which will have to be developed.
  • Should the business expand with internal divisions specializing in asbestos, reclaim and waste management, or would it be better to assign these tasks to external subcontractors specializing in the individual sectors?
  • Other than reclamations which have to be carried out, what steps can a demolition company take to be more eco-sustainable? (e.g. using electric excavators).
  • Finally, there are environmental certifications such as ISO and EMAS. In your opinion, do these bring real advantages from an environmental point of view?

14.45 – Closure by EDA President Mr. Giuseppe Panseri and the end of the Conference

15.30 – Three different options: Demolition site visit DEMCOM / Time on your own in Stockholm (TBC). Time on your own at the DEMCON fair. Meeting of the EDA Technical Committee

19.30 – Gala dinner at the Infra City Hotel

Friday 10th September

10.00 – EDA representatives available in the EDA lounge at the DEMCON fair.

Visit of the DEMCON fair on your own. Free admission to DEMCON seminars

16.00 – End of the DEMCON fair


If this event was interesting for you, we kindly invite you to participate in EDA