EDA Spring Conference 2010


The European Demolition Association, EDA, organizes every year a meeting of the demolition industry from all over Europe. This meeting, called the EDA Annual Conference , has an important technical part, with presentations about new developments, case stories, and round table discussions.

At the same time, the EDA Annual Conference is an excellent opportunity to network and meet colleagues, contractors, manufacturers, associations and other agents related to the demolition industry.

Best Moments EDA Spring Conference 2010

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Thursday the 27th May 2010

16.00 Board meeting

17.30 Registration of participants

19.30 End of registration

20.00 Welcome cocktail

Friday the 28th May 2010

09.30 General Assembly

10.20 Opening of the Conference

10.30 ‘Decontamination of hazardous waste in demolition works’, by Mr. Adolfo García, President of the Decontamination of Hazardous Waste Association and EDA IC member Voladuras y Demoliciones, Spain

10.50 Sponsor presentation: EDA IC member LIEBHERR, by Mr. Miche Roth

11.00 Coffee break

11.20 ‘Demolition of the Stadio Delle Alpi’ by Mr. Fabrizio Amadei and Mr. Massimo Marini, EDA IC member F.lli Baraldi, Italy

11.40 Sponsor presentation: TREVI BENNE, by Mr. Christian Tadiotto

11.50 ‘Reducing administrative burdens for demolition and site preparations companies to further sustainable construction’, by Ms. Martha Bird, Rambøll Management Consulting, Denmark

12.00 ‘Explosive demolition of a concrete bunker in Scotland’, EDA IC member SAFEDEM, by Mr. David Sinclair, UK

12.20 Q & A

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Sponsor presentation: EDA IC member RUSCH, by Mr. Ruud Schreijer

14.10 ‘Presentation of the EDA High Reach Guide’, by Mr. Stefano Panseri, EDA Technical Committee

14.20 Q & A

14.30 Sponsor presentation

14.40 Coffee break

15.00 Roundtables Workshop – ‘Training the High Reach, making the path for a European standard’

16.10 Sponsor presentation: EDA IC member CATERPILLAR by Mr. Niel LeBlanc and Mr. Olivier Dreniaud

16.20 Presentation of the New Autumn Event, Stockholm 9-10th September, by Ms. Henriette Thuen, EDA General Manager

16.30 Summary of the round tables

17.00 End of day one

19.00 Bus to Gala dinner at the Hall of Physics, Presidency Handover Ceremony

23.00 Return to hotel

Saturday, 29th May 2010

09.30 Opening of the Conference’s second day by US Demolition Association special representative Mr. David Sinclair

09.50 Sponsor presentation: EDA IC member NEW HOLLAND, by Mr. Philippe Sire

10.00 ‘Salvation and demolition work after the collapse of the building of the Archives of Cologne’, by Mr. Marcel Schroeder, Richard Liesegang GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

10.20 Sponsor presentation: EDA IC member LST, by Mr. Thomas Ostermeyer

10.30 ‘Disassembly and deconstruction of the viaduct Via Emilia on the river Po, Piacenza/Lodi’, by Mr. Stefano Panseri, EDA IC member DESPE, Italy

10.50 Q & A

11.00 Coffee break

11.20 Sponsor presentation: MANTOVANIBENNE & GRAUSCH I GRAUSCH, by Mr. Christophe Jarrin and Mr. Adam Mikolajczak

11.30 ‘Demolition of two chimneys 250 mts high in Poland’, by Mr. Bohuslav Mrózek, EDA IC member Mrózek, Czech Republic

11.50 Sponsor presentation: DEHACO, by Mr. Rony Gerres

12.00 Company case, Poland (TBC)

12.20 Official Closure of the Conference

13.00 Bus to common lunch at Restaurant Ale Gloria

15.00 Common city tour ‘Jewish Trails’

18.00 Return to hotel

20.00 Bus to farewell dinner to the President Emeritus at the Belvedere

00.00 Return to hotel


If this event was interesting for you, we kindly invite you to participate in EDA