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Circular economy – Mr. Johan Vyncke - RILEM
Super Local Proyect – Mrs. Elma Durmisevic – SuperLocal Proyect
Circular demolition and waste valorisation – Miguel Ángel Pérez-Peñalva - HERCAL DIGGERS
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EU policies for a circular construction industry – Fulvia Raffaelli – EUROPEAN COMMISSION – DG GROW
Best practices and technical challenges for demolition with explosives – William Sinclair – SAFEDEM LTD
Case story: challenges for DDR in the UK and how to overcome them – William Crooks - CAWARDEM
Innovation and smart demolition practices for 131m pylons dismantling – Karol Baran – GRUPA TREE
Conclusions of the EDI Asbestos working group New Asbestos challenges in Europe – Souhila Paré - SEDDRe
Case story: Demolition of the Morandi bridge in Genova – Vittorio Omini – OMINI DEMOLIZIONI INDUSTRIALI.
Digitalization in construction. How the working environment for the companies, users and equipment is changing now – Riccardo Viaggi – CECE
Rapid Demolition of the Gardiner Expressway, Estbound Ramp – Brian Priestly – PRIESTLY
Case Story: Decontamination of hazardous substances at industrial facilities – Anna Chtorkh – CURIUM
The contribution of recycling to a circular construction branch – the Austrian approach – Thomas Kasper – PORR UMWELTTECHNIK GMGH
Case story: From demolition to producer of secondary raw materials – David Assaf – GREENMIX BENNY & ZVIKA LTD
Case story: Cooperation in demolition, bringing down a train station in Lyon – Patrick Frye & Ivan Poroli – CARDEM & DESPE