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EDA Think Tank 2022: “End-of-life of industrial facilities”

EDA, in partnership with EDI, is organizing a Think Tank under the title “End-of-life of industrial facilities” the next 5th October, 2022 through videoconference.

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CECE – EDA Think tank 2019: “Equipment for demolition: trends & challenges”

CECE and EDA organize the Think Tank 2019, that will take place on October 16th 2019 in Autoworld (Brussels), under the title ‘Equipment for demolition: trends & challenges’.

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EDA Think tank 2018: “Equipment for demolition”

EDA, in partnership with CECE, organize a Think tank under the title “Equipment for demolition”, on October 10, 2018, in Brussels (Belgium).

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EDA Think tank 2014: “Recycling and end-of-life of construction products”

The Thinktank 2014 took place at the Headquarters of the Belgium Confederation of Demolition and Dismantling Works, CASO.