EDA Think tank 2016: “The next ten years”



Everything around us is changing faster and faster… not just technology, the way we live, how we interact, how we use the spaces and infrastructures and also how we demolish them.

If we look back 20 years, we can easily realize how many changes have come into the demolition industry: methodology, equipment and even the way in which the business relations are done.

On this EDA think tank, which was a free activity open to everyone, we did an exercise to look ahead and try to imagine how the future will be like, for demolition operations and for everything related with them.

To do so, we had two round tables, with a panel of experts to introduce the topics and foster open debate.

The Thinktank 2016 took place at the Headquarters of the Belgium Confederation of Demolition and Dismantling Works, CASO.

Best moments of the Think Tank 2016






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Thursday 27th October

08:30 Accreditation of participants

09:00 Welcome by Delegate of the European Demolition Association

09:15 Debate session 1

  • How are the technical requirements changing the way in which demolition is done?
  • What kind of equipment (carriers, attachments, and other tools) do the demolition industry need? Who can develop them and when will they be available?
  • How are the business models changing for construction and demolition activities?
  • Ownership vs rental: how to combine both options them on a sustainable way for the industry?

10:45 Coffee break

11:15 Debate session 2

  • How to demolish systems and combination of several layers of construction materials?
  • What level of recycling can be achieved in demolition activities? Is it sustainable/reasonable to go for the highest level of recycling?
  • Should the owner of space/infrastructure pay for everything?
  • What is the responsibility of the construction material producers and the Public Authorities, most especially in the case of new types of hazardous waste?
  • What are the challenges for the health and safety of the workers and the general public with the new scenarios that will come for the demolition activities?

13:00 Closing remarks by Delegate of the European Decontamination Institute

A light lunch was served after the think tank to encourage networking and collective thinking.


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