EDA Think Tank 2022: “End-of-life of industrial facilities”


The EDA Think Tank is an event designed to share ideas, best practices and concerns related to DDR (demolition, decontamination and recycling).

It is not the place to find all the answers, but it aims to be the right venue to share as many questions as possible.

It was originally organized in Brussels as a physical event, every year since 2014, till the COVID pandemic came. In 2022, it became an on-line event that gathered people worldwide.

With the title ‘End-of-life of industrial facilities’, the 2022 EDA Think Tank took place on the 5th of October.

The goal of this event is to foster direct communication between stakeholders, create a debate and share experiences, common challenges, risks and possible solutions when planning for the end-of-life of an industrial facility.

Moreover, it also gave the opportunity to officially present the technical guide about this topic.

The event was divided into 2 sessions, with roundtable discussions among contractors, engineering companies and asset owners, as well as live chat with all the attendees.

After the great results of past editions, this year was no different! Stakeholders from all over the world got the opportunity to share their concerns and participate in the round table.

Here is the teaser of the two sessions about the end-of-life of industrial facilities:



These were the topics covered in the two sessions:

Session 1: Before the end-of-life

Presentation of the Guide about End-of-life of industrial facilities


  • What are the main challenges to be faced when planning the end-of-life of assets?
  • Which steps should be taken during the normal operation of a facility to prepare for its end-of-life?
  • Should external experts be engaged in the end-of-life planning and bidding process?
  • Who should be involved in the decommissioning and closure activities?
  • Highlights and lessons learnt


Session 2: During and after the end-of-life


  • What are the most frequent issues encountered in the demolition of industrial plants?
  • Is the planning of the demolition project often done jointly by the owners and the companies involved?
  • Is it common to find an inventory of equipment and materials found in the facility? How much can be recovered/recycled?
  • How can clear communication between the parties affect the success of the project?
  • Highlights and lessons learnt


Conclusions by the EDA President, Mr. Stefano Panseri


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