World Demolition Summit 2011



The World Demolition Summit 2011, celebrated on November 4th at the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam (THE NETHERLANDS), gathered hundreds of delegates from more than 10 countries.

The European Demolition Association, EDA, was one of the main partners in this event.

It is also an excellent opportunity to network and forge relationships with all of the other professionals of the industry.



Download the program of the event in PDF




4 November 2011

08.00 – Coffee and registration

08.50 – Chairman’s welcome

08.55 – Introduction From Giuseppe Panseri, President of the European Demolition Association and President of Despe

09.00 – The light at the end of the tunnel: An economic forecast for the global construction and demolition industries Dominic Swords, consultant, and business economist

09.40 – Case study from the US: Decommissioning of an automotive assembly plant

  • Pre-Planning
  • Job Specific Safety Orientation
  • Utility Identification & Disconnects
  • Identifying Items To Be Saved
  • Remediation of Asbestos, Lead Paint, Universal Wastes
  • Final Clean-up

Bill Moore, Brandenburg Industrial Services

10.05 – Questions

10.15 – Morning coffee break

10.45 – Safety and training in an economic crisis: International comparisons and how to respond

John Woodward, Chief Consultant, C&D Consultancy and President, Institute of Demolition Engineers

11.10 – Case study from Germany: Major power station decommissioning

  • Partial demolition “at the open heart” of a power station building in the petrochemical industry
  • Detailed concept of demolition
  • Detailed coordination with eight factories and plants in the neighborhood
  • Difficult circumstances, due to remaining supplying pipes and cable channels over- and underground
  • In the remaining part of a building, vibration-sensitive machines in operation

Gregor Kiwit, Richard Liesegang, Germany.

11.35 – Real-time, on-site asbestos detection: The latest developments

  • Introduction to the ground-breaking ALERT Project
  • Details of the world’s first real-time, portable detector of lethal airborne asbestos fibers.
  • How the ALERT detection equipment will work, the current project status and plans for going to market.
  • Impact on, and opportunities for, the demolition industry

Alan Archer, Managing Director, Select Group

12:00 – Case study from Italy: Decommissioning of the Caorso Nuclear Power Plant, Italy

  • Despe, with Ansaldo Nucleare and TECHINT, is decommissioning the BWR nuclear power plant in Caorso.
  • One of the first such nuclear power plant decommissioning projects in Europe
  • Involves dismantling, decontamination, and disposal of materials (equipment, piping, systems) in the turbines building.
  • Equipment must be decontaminated by mechanical (sandblasting) or chemical (phadec) treatments before being subjected to final radiological controls
  • Lessons for future decommissioning projects

Stefano Panseri, Managing Director, Despe, Italy

12.25 – Questions

12.40 – Lunch

13.50 – Case study from Brazil: Demolition of Castelão Stadium to allow for renovation and expansion for the World Cup in 2014

  • Removal of the sunscreen and lower level seating around the entire stadium by mechanical demolition.
  • Implosion of the entire height of the stadium from sections 5600-6500 by controlled collapse with weakening and explosives.
  • Particularly challenging implosion, because of both the remaining sections of the stadium and a 3-story structure less than 9 meters behind the cantilevered stadium seating needed to remain unharmed.

Fabio Bruno, Director, Fabio Bruno Construcoes.

14.15 – Case study from France: Dismantling of an EDF Power Plant in Strasbourg Patrick Frye, Directeur Travaux, CARDEM Démolition, France

14.40 – Demolition and Debris Removal: The Haitian Earthquake Experience

David Sinclair, Safedem and Former President, EDA

Mike Janneson, UNOPS Haiti Operations Manager

Jesula Andre, Haitian Cat Excavator Operator

15.05 – Questions

15.15 – Coffee

15.35 – Disaster response: Managing a crisis at your company

Tom Stahr, Emergency Response Demolition Manager, Robinette Demolition, Chicago, USA

16.00 – High reach training: The view from the cab

  • The way we used to learn
  • Would you let a novice loose in your £1million high reach?
  • More operators needed, promote from within
  • Ensure understanding of rig theory.
  • Appreciation of structural issues.
  • Training via a common EU course
  • Assessment of competence for “cross borders working”

Duncan Rudall, Independent Tester, Trainer, and Demolition Engineer, UK

16.25 – The future of dust control

Carl Harr, Dust Management Specialist, Dust Control Technology, USA

16.50 – Demolition in the Middle East

  • General consideration whilst working in the Middle East
  • Problems experienced whilst involved with explosive demolition in the Middle East
  • Examples of projects carried out
  • General labor, equipment issues

Dick Green, Managing Director, IndEx

17.15 – Questions

17.30 – Closing remarks and end of the conference (which was followed by the World Demolition Awards gala dinner )

Awards categories:

  • Civils Demolition
  • Collaboration in Demolition
  • Contract of the Year US$1 million or over
  • Contract of the Year under US$1 million
  • Explosive Demolition
  • Industrial Demolition
  • Innovation, Plant & Equipment
  • Innovation, Tools & Attachments
  • Recycling & Environmental
  • Safety & Training
  • Urban Demolition US$10 million or over
  • Urban Demolition under US$10 million
  • New Entrant Award
  • World Demolition Award