Study on Resource Efficient Use of Mixed Wastes (2015)


The aim of the study, launched in January 2015, is to assess the current CDW management situation in EU Member States, identifying obstacles to recycling and potential deficiencies that could lead to non-compliance with EU waste legislation. Good practices in terms of creating conditions for increasing CDW recycling and for improving the quality of recycling and recovery will be identified and a set of recommendations to address potential barriers will be formulated. In parallel, success stories of efficient CDW management will be showcased in 6 case studies, illustrating key elements for success, as well as the necessary preconditions. Finally, the credibility of official CDW statistics will be assessed, identifying the sources of inaccuracy and proposing measures for improvement. The outcome of the study will be discussed at a seminar in March 2016 at the premises of the Commission in Brussels. The study shall be finished in April 2016. You can find more information about the study here