Technical Committee

The European Demolition Association, EDA, has a long tradition of working on common topics for the demolition industry across Europe.

In fact, EDA produced a variety of technical documents that were very useful for the industry: a multilingual dictionary of the industry, a guide on Health and Safety for demolition work, the recent High Reach guidelines,…

This work must continue, as the demolition industry evolves quickly. We need EDA to move on the very same rhythm, helping the demolition companies, workers and associations from all over Europe.

On the past, the association produced the technical documents and agreements after a long discussion, review on several conferences and a great effort to produce printed documents.

Now, as new technologies become very familiar to our daily life, we can use them to improve the work of our Technical Committee, to move on faster and to give better support to the European Demolition industry altogether.

Even more, in order to be able to reach a set of different topics that are of interest for EDA and its members, the Technical Committee will start to work on 2012 with a new and improved methodology: the working groups.

With the approval and support of its Board, the Technical Committee of EDA will have now 5 different working groups, focused on specific topics.

Each one of these working groups will only meet once or twice per year, depending on the needs of the topics considered. The working groups are meant to be composed by volunteer professionals from the industry and the leadership on one spokesperson, which will direct the group.

Visit our calendar to see the dates of the meetings and get involved.