How to get involved?

If you are interested in any of the topics to be covered by the working groups, the best way to influence them is to take part actively.

To do so, EDA proposes a very simple methodology. The association will send the information about the meetings to all of its members, asking for participants and support.

The general information about each meeting will be posted on the public area of EDA’s website, with indications to sign up to the meeting.

Any member of EDA International Committee and the National Associations may sign up directly. The companies that come as members of the National Associations will be required to have the approval of the association, just as an internal procedure.

Participation in the meetings is completely free of cost for all participants. EDA will take care of the meeting facilities, lunch, coffees, and materials for the meetings. You only need to take care of your travel arrangements.

Since there will be only one or two meetings of each working group per year, you should participate in those meetings which may be of your interest.

Each working group has a spokesperson, to lead the group, set the goals and targets to be delivered by the group, with the support of all the participants.

The Secretariat of EDA will help the spokesperson to direct the work of each group, to reach the achievable targets and to produce the final documents.

All the information and documents of the working group will be available in the private area of the website, so all the members of EDA can have easy access to all details.