Be a part of the European Demolition Industry Report 2023!


The European Demolition Association, EDA, is proud to announce that the latest edition of the European Demolition Industry Report is open!

This study collects the latest data to give a cohesive overview, as well as some forecasts, about the sector. It also allows us to track the evolution of the demolition industry on an international level, presenting incredibly valuable information to its professional.

It consists of a 5 minutes survey aimed at contractors and suppliers from all around Europe, with the answers being completely anonymous. Both EDA members and non-members companies can participate in this study. The survey is available in 14 languages for the contractors and in 10 languages for the suppliers.

As an acknowledgment of your participation, companies that take part in the study will have unlimited access to the Industry Report once it’s published. Otherwise, it will be open to the members of the EDA.

Don’t miss your chance to contribute to the sector! Take a part in the Industry Report 2023!