BRV helds its annual conference 2024 in Vienna


We are pleased to share a highlight from the Austrian association, BRV. Its Annual Conference 2024 took place on May 22, 2024, at the Austria Trend Parkhotel Schönbrunn in Vienna. Durin the event, it was presented the technical guide on Recyclable Construction and Demolition Materials, prepared by the European Demolition Association and the French C&D management system.

Under the theme ‘New ways of recycling building materials in the circular economy’, the conference gathered over 250 participants who explored innovative approaches to recycled building materials, circular tendering, and the promotion of building material recycling. The event addressed key challenges of the circular economy within the construction sector, emphasizing the importance of tendering as a crucial lever for the adoption of sustainable and circular building materials.

With the EU Taxonomy Regulation demanding high recycling rates for various construction sectors and the EU Construction Products Regulation highlighting the recyclability and increased use of recycled building materials, the Austrian construction industry is proactively preparing to meet these requirements.

A notable moment of the event was the presentation of the EDA guide on Recyclable Construction and Demolition Materials, which provided valuable insights into sustainable practices and advancements in the recycling of construction and demolition materials.