EDA takes a step towards the recycling sector with its new projects


The European Demolition Association, EDA, was created in 1978 to connect industry professionals and help them share their experiences and knowledge.

However, in 55 years since its creation, both the demolition sector and EDA have evolved significantly. One of the most important changes was the focus put on sustainability, green energy and recycling within the industry. As the public awareness of those questions grew, so did the effort put in by the demolition professionals to achieve waste reduction in construction.

In particular, this 2023, EDA has put in motion two projects related to recycling in demolition. The first is the Guide about Recycling Equipment for Construction and Demolition. This publication aims to support the circular economy in the industry by showcasing the use of the right equipment and machinery on construction sites.

On the other hand, EDA has expanded its working groups by creating a Working Group on Recycled Products. Centred around the topic in question, it will begin its course in September of this year. The publication related to it, the Guide about Recycled Products, will be available to the public in early 2024.

With those projects, EDA contributes its experience, knowledge and resources to the betterment and the future of the demolition industry.