EDA Yearbook 2020: a whole year in a publication focused on DDR


Companies all over the world, national associations and entities of the construction sector have collaborated in the EDA Yearbook 2020, a publication focused on DDR (Demolition, Decontamination and Recycling) which will collect the highlights of the year. Don’t think about it anymore, participate!

These are the last days to reserve a space between the pages of this special publication and achieve international visibility for your brand.

EDA’s sponsorship includes not only an advertisement in the yearbook, but also the possibility to promote your products or services in detail thanks to editorial coverage, with text and photos, included in all marketing opportunities.

In addition, the A4 interior sponsorship also includes the possibility of inserting a video of your company or product/service in the digital version of the yearbook.

The EDA Yearbook 2020 will be focused on DDR industries, through the vision of international associations and other entities involved in these specific sectors.

The yearbook is aimed at contractors and national associations to show and spread the knowledge and expertise in the industry and will be distributed for free to reach more readers.