Get to know everything about the BRV Annual Conference


  • The BRV Annual Conference, “Construction Materials Recycling: Best Practice for the Circular Economy”, will be held on 7 April in Vienna (Austria).

The Austrian association, BRV, will hold its annual conference, “Construction Materials Recycling: Best Practice for the Circular Economy”, on April 7 in Vienna, the Austrian capital. And it will do so in an unbeatable location: Austria’s tallest building.

This conference, held in German, is expected to be attended by around 150 professionals, making it an ideal space for networking and, ultimately, for sharing knowledge, experiences and concerns.

The first block will focus on quality in demolition. The new ÖNORM B 3151 “Deconstruction as a standard demolition method”, which will come into force on 1 January 2022, will be presented by the Federal Ministry. The Austrian Construction Materials Recycling Association, together with Car Martin, Managing Director of BRV, led the preparation of this standard, which is legally binding in Austria. It prescribes the detailed analysis of the building substance for medium-sized and larger construction projects, and includes forms for the description of the object, for the investigation of pollutants and interfering substances, and also for a deconstruction concept. Contaminants such as gypsum, wood or glass are to be separated on site, pollutants are to be recorded separately as hazardous waste. The responsibility of the building owner is anchored in ÖNORM B 3151.

Jose Blanco, Secretary General of EDA, will present best practice examples from the international field. Other innovative topics include initial efforts to present the recycling of gypsum board waste, which is mandatory in Austria for 2026. The BRV has developed leaflets for this purpose, which are available for practical use on the construction site. Tips for collectors of such waste are also recorded in a separate leaflet. Excavated soil as a basis for recycled construction materials or asphalt multiple recycling, a supranational research project, are further topics. The latter presentation is intended to answer the question of the future as to whether asphalt, that has already been recycled once, can also be recycled a second or third time in a high-quality manner.