GRUPA TREE, new member of EDA


GRUPA TREE is specialized in carrying the extensive demolitions and earthworks due to the longstanding experience. Crushing and screening materials remaining after the demolitions, distribution of aggregates, heavy machinery hire and transport services are nothing but the additional services offered by the company.

GRUPA TREE offers cooperation with well-qualified engineers, foremen, and operators of construction machinery. The company has own offices, warehouse, parking areas and service for construction equipment.

There are more than 160 construction machines located in its machine park, including specialized equipment, so that it is ready to perform the most complex demolition and excavation.

Thanks to the wide range of machines as well as the responsible staff, the company is able to take up a challenge to accomplish the hardest jobs safely, providing the highest quality. The other assets of GRUPA TREE:

• flexibility, according to the needs of the customer
• fastness in making right decisions
• keeping deadlines

Using innovative solutions and modern technology GRUPA TREE makes sure that the works are performed in the most efficient, economical and safe way, for the satisfaction of the customers. The principal activities of GRUPA TREE are:

• demolition
• disassembly
• earth and construction works
• crushing and screening services
• reclamation
• distribution of aggregates
• transport services
• skip hire
• heavy machinery hire