High-Level Construction Forum Addresses Industry Challenges


  • The 4th High-Level Construction Forum convened with 115 participants to tackle the strategic challenges currently facing the construction ecosystem. Despite being considered a reliable sector, shorter-term investments are met with pessimism, especially as residential construction experiences a slowdown.

One of Europe’s pressing concerns remains housing affordability and availability, a key issue for EU citizens. The construction industry grapples with challenges such as decarbonization, circular economy practices, skills shortages, and rising energy costs.

A year ago, the European Commission unveiled a transition pathway for construction, outlining new actions aligned with sustainability goals. Discussions at the forum revolved around future EU priorities, particularly the digital and green transitions and the resilience of the ecosystem.

Participants exchanged ideas on advancing circular economy principles, conducting life cycle analyses, mitigating environmental impacts, and enhancing energy efficiency in buildings. Emphasizing the importance of digital transition, they highlighted its role in promoting transparency and collaboration throughout the value chain.

However, concerns lingered regarding the industry’s ability to respond to evolving skills needs and attract skilled labor, particularly engineers. Moving forward, stakeholders aim to address these challenges collectively to ensure a sustainable and resilient future for the construction sector.

Learn more about this in https://ec.europa.eu/docsroom/documents/53854