High reach, now is time for the training


In Europe, there are no Europe-wide legal requirements regarding the use of high reach demolition machines.
The first common step to implement a series of commonly applicable European standards for best practice was the publishing of the general EDA High Reach Guide, aimed at helping to improve work and safety in relation to the use of high reach demolition equipment.

The EDA’s Technical Committee has now initiated the preparation of a follow-up document oriented to the training and education of the operators of these advanced high reach machines.

At this moment in time, very different conditions apply, varying country by country, as was the case during the development of the general guide.

Some European countries have an established and reputable training system, while others are still working on the basic accreditation scheme.

In addition to this, there is an ongoing discussion over the rental of high reach equipment, since it has the potential to be very dangerous, both for demolition operatives on the jobsite, and for the reputation of the whole industry.

This subject was also raised during the National Associations meeting, and everyone present agrees on the requirement to set a European common standard for the training of high reach operatives.

The Technical Committee will meet again in London n June to work on this matter and a report covering this topic will also be made to EDA members during the Conference.