Information about COVID-19


The European Demolition Association, EDA, publishes this page aware of the serious impact (on health, families, society and the economy) caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

The stage and the response to this pandemic are very diverse in Europe. Most European countries have advised specific protection measures, which also apply to our trade, without stopping strategic operations.

The picture in the demolition sector is confusing and varies from country to country, and the impact of the pandemic is still unknown.

On this page you will find links to information provided by demolition associations, relevant industry news, important policy information and other associated information. The page will be updated as more information becomes available.

Official documentation, published by European Comission


Information from national and international demolition associations

Links for national demolition associations and other organizations where the information is frequently updated according to the new measures implemented by each country.

VCB –  Communications on COVID-19
Official information about Covid from Belgian Government


Official Information from Danish Ministry of Health


FDA – Communications about COVID-19
Official Information from Finnish Institute for Health and Weelfare


Official Information from French Building Federation
Official Information grom French Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, INRS
Official information about Covid from French Government
Guide de préconisations de sécurité sanitaire pour la continuité des activités des activités de la construction en période d’épidémie de Coronavirus COVID-19
Plan de continuité des activités
Aspects pratiques pour les entreprises de Bâtiment (FFB)
Les obligations des employeurs pour proteger la sante de ses salaries face au virus


Official information from German Ministry of Health, with links to legal and economic effect of the pandemia
Official information from German Public Health Institute Robert Koch Institut
Information from BG BAU


PEDMEDE – Communications about COVID
Legislative packages with measures supporting economy and restrcitions
Greek Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Measures for construction sites.
Measures taken by the Greek Government during all this period in all aspects.  


IADC – Communications about COVID
Construction Sector C-19 Pandemic. Standard Operating Procedures


Official information about Covid from Italian Government
Offcial information about Italian Health National Institute


Guidelines for Russian Employers about non-working period
Decree of the President of the Russian Federation


Serbian Institute for Public Health “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut”


AEDED – Communications about COVID
(Guidelines for construction world and the action in the workplace in relation to the coronavirus)


Official information from Swedish Public Health Agency of Sweden


VERAS – Communications about COVID
Offical information about Covid from Dutch Government


NFDC – Communications about COVID
Official information about Covid from UK Government
Site Security during lockdown


Reference documentation from associations linked to the construction sector

EDA has released or collaborated in the following documents:

As the operations of our trade are, generally, part of the construction sector, EDA publicly supports the statement and requests made by the European Construction Industry Federation, FIEC, to the European Commission in support of the construction industry.


Recommendations and acknowledgements

Sources of information

EDA recommends, to our members and the general public. to be very careful, access reliable sources of information and follow the official recommendations of the health authorities.

As a general reference, we suggest the following:

We encourage everyone to visit the website of the Public Authorities in each country or region, to access the official recommendations and practical information about this pandemic scenario.

As the situation changes quickly in this unprecedented situation, EDA will update this page with additional information, throughout the next days.


Thanks to all the health professionals

The European Demolition industry, represented by EDA, would like to acknowledge the work of the health professionals, medical doctors, nurses and all the staff working in hospitals or health facilities, to take care of everyone already sick.

We, the thousands of entrepreneurs and workers involved in our trade, from Europe and all parts of the world, would like to thank them for their work, courage and dedication.

We would also like to express our gratitude and thank everyone involved in the care of those in need, for risking their health to help and care for others.


We are open

The offices of the EDA Secretariat will remain open, as long as possible, during the normal hours, but with limited availability of personnel, since most of the Secretariat team will be working remotely.