Learn more about health and safety at work with NAPO


  • NAPO is an initiative that has been active for years and in which EU-OSHA is actively involved.

If there is one topic on which it is essential that we are informed, it is health and safety at work and in the work environment. For this reason, the different agencies and organizations dedicated to this subject develop different informative materials, with the aim of reaching the widest possible public.

One of these initiatives is NAPO, an original idea conceived by a small group of OSH communications professionals in response to the need for high quality information products to break down national boundaries and address the diverse cultures, languages and practical needs of people at work.

It is a series of animated videos, starring a friendly character, that inform and educate about different topics related to safety at work.

In the last year, up to 6 videos have been launched focusing on EU-OSHA’s Lighten the load campaign, of which EDA is an official partner. These educational videos are aimed at all audiences and can be viewed on its YouTube channel.

In addition, in this channel you will find many other videos, some of them in different languages, to make them more accessible to everyone.