Official launch of The Concrete Initiative




The European concrete sector gathered the related stakeholders in Brussels to launch The Concrete Initiative.

The launch celebrated in Brussels brought together key stakeholders at EU level, stratin with a welcome speech of Janez Potocnik, the European Commissioner for the Environment.



Concrete is the second most consumed material in the world after water, and the most widely used construction material but also employs more than 550,000 people in the EU and generates €65,000 added value per employed capita per annum.

The focus of the debate was on the concrete solutions for sustainable construction, in which were included:

  • The regulatory framework required to facilitate the development of safe, affordable and resilient housing and infrastructure
  • The shift towards a performance-driven construction sector, based on whole life performance
  • The need for local resources, local manufacturing and providing a local market.

The European Demolition Association, EDA, was actively present after being invited by the organizers as a related stakeholder.

The Concrete Initiative will continue to engage with its stakeholders with a view to developing a more sustainable construction model for Europe.


The project

The Concrete Initiative is a project led by the European Cement Association, CEMBUREAU, the European Federation of Precast Concrete, BIBM, and the European Ready-Mixed Concrete Organization, ERMCO.

This initiative examines the economic, social and environmental implications of sustainable construction and the need for a balanced approach among these three pillars.