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PEDMEDE, getting to know the Greek association

Panhellenic Association of Engineers Contractors of Public Works (PEDMEDE) representing the construction sector in Greece upon its establishment in 1935, covers all the range of companies dealing with the construction of public works. Its members, more than 2.500 entities, are individuals, contractors of public works as well as technical companies from grade A1 up to grade 7 (the upper grade), classification made by the Greek Ministry of Infrastracture and Transport.


ASTILLO, new EDA member

ASTILLO is a company that has been involved in asbestos removal for over 20 years. However, its core business has had to reinvent itself, creating new machines to meet the growing demand of this nascent and rapidly growing market.


Get to know more about the NDA

 The National Demolition Association (NDA) has been involved in the demolition industry for more than 40 years and has relied on our sister organization the European Demolition Association (EDA) as a trusted ally since our inception.


Manufacturers will need time to adapt to a new machinery legislation

On 5th February, Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE) and the European Materials Handling Federation (FEM) sent a letter to the European Commission on the future Machinery legislation and the transition period from the current Machinery Directive to the new one.


EDA reinforces its working group strategy

The European Demolition Association (EDA) continues to expand its working group strategy in the run-up to 2021. In addition to maintaining active ones such as Carriers and Attachments, EDA is launching two new ones.


The European Demolition Industry Report 2021 is already in process

As has become tradition, the European Demolition Association (EDA) is working on its European Demolition Industry Report 2021. A study that will allow to know how demolition companies in Europe are doing at the moment and, of course, in comparison with previous years.


COVID-19 leads to the cancellation of many events

As expected, given the current situation and the preventive measures being taken in different countries, 2021 looks set to be another year without major events. At least in the demolition sector.