ROSTER, new member of EDA


ROSTER LTD is a demolition contractor based in Smolyan, Bulgaria. Established in 1990, since then it has carried out over 250 finished projects.

ROSTER made itself known by offering specialises and comprehensive services for dismantling industrial facilities, equipment and machinery.

Among its activities are waste management, asbestos removal, recycling of construction waste and dismantling of industrial facilities.

In addition to its strict measures to ensure quality of work, ROSTER also abides by environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) policies. By doing so, it is striving for the prevention of pollution, providing adequate training to its employees, and continuing to improve its efficiency, among others.

As ROSTER explains: “By expanding the diversity and scope of the entire construction process, while carrying out our core economic activities in accordance with the highest standards, we became the undisputed leader in this field”.