The illustrations of the guide about Attachments for demolition and recycling are now available in German, Italian and Russian


  • The illustrations based on the guide created by the Attachments subgroup has been translated into german, italian and russian.

The Attachments subgroup of the European Demolition Association (EDA), launched at the beginning of 2021 the Guide about Attachments for demolition and recycling. The purpose of this publication was to give in a simple and descriptive way an overview of the attachments, explaining their basic characteristics, functionalities and general requirements.

When it came out, the association wanted to take a step forward and make these contents more visual and educational through illustrations, this is how the comic based on the guide was developed.

These useful and fun contents have been translated into three different languages: German, Italian and Russian, in addition to English, so that all professionals, regardless of their language, have an easy access to them.

If you would also like to have the illustrations and guide translated into your language, you just need to contact us.