The Circular Economy Awards have its first nominee!


This day, we bring to you an inspiring news. The Circular Economy in Construction Awards already have its first nominee!

The Spanis Demolition Association, AEDED, has recently conducted its Deconstruction Forum 2023. During the event, several activities took place, and among them were the Excellence and Academic Merit (EMA) Circular Economy Award 2023. As the judges evaluated each project, a winner was announced: Ms Raquel Arias, from the University of Basque County.

Her project, “Efficient recovery of material resources contained in construction and demolition waste based on advanced hyperspectral vision techniques“, has stood out with its remarkable contributions to the field of deconstruction. Her innovative approach and commitment to sustainable solutions have earned her this honour.

The EMA Circular Economy Award recognises the growing importance of sustainable practices in the construction and demolition industries. Ms Raquel Arias’ achievement is a testament to the bright future that awaits professionals dedicated to making the world a more environmentally friendly place.

As the AEDED Secretariat puts it:

Her success is a source of inspiration for current and future students in the field.

From the EDA, we sincerely congratulate Ms Raquel Arias for her work, which she will present during the EDA Annual Convention 2024, in Belgrade, from June 13 to 15th.

Let your youth get the recognition it deserves!

The European Circular Economy in Construction Awards are an EDA initiative. It aims to bring visibility to the projects developed by students related to demolition, decontamination, and/or recycling (DDR) activities.

During 2023, the National Association composing the EDA will carry out its own awards. Afterwards, they can select up to 3 best candidates, which will have an opportunity to attend the EDA Annual Convention 2024. Additionally, the winner of each country can present their project during our event.

So, if you would like to get the future DDR professionals the recognition they deserve, this initiative is the place for you!