The conference “Industry and sustainable demolition” focus on the potential of Serbian activities of demolition


The Serbian Demolition Association (SDA) celebrated the international conference “Industry and sustainable demolition” that focused on the potential of Serbian activities of demolition and recycling and its positive effect on the country’s economy.

The event took place on November 28-29 in Belgrade (Serbia) in collaboration with European Demolition Association (EDA) whose president, Francisco Cobo, opened the conference.

The president of SDA, Dejan Bojović, declared that the first annual international conference was a success and invited all attendees to meet next year as well.

According to him, this specialized meeting showed that there is enough knowledge, strength, and power in Serbia to rise and to initiate changes in the country and region, especially in this important area, for which the Serbian Association has been advocating for two years.

Several experts from all Europe (Belgium, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, as well as the countries of the Balkan region: Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary) participated in the sessions of speeches.

According to the participants’ assessment, this conference was extremely important for raising public awareness in Serbia as well as the countries of the region about what is important, not only for the economy of a country but also for the protection of the environment and health of citizens.

One of the most important topics of the lectures was the proper classification of construction waste and its disposal. Its later processing and use as a novel product add value to the industry and bring enormous savings and benefits for everyone.