The Lithuanian Demolition Association, LDA, joins EDA as a new member


  • The European Demolition Association, EDA, welcomes its new member: the Lithuanian Demolition Association, LDA.

In January 2021, for the first time in the history of the independent Republic of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Demolition Association was established, bringing together Lithuanian demolition professionals, construction scrap collectors, recyclers and other companies directly and indirectly involved in the demolition industry.

LDA has seven members and, in its own words, its goal is “to grow into a strong and effective association with new members and partners”.

Mr. Rokas Urbonas was elected the first Chairman and the Chairman of the Board of the Lithuanian Demolition Association. The Lithuanian Demolition Association is located in the city of Palanga.

The goals and objectives of the Lithuanian Demolition Association are:

  • To improve the business conditions of the demolition sector, construction waste (scrap) collection, recycling and recycled building materials ready for re-use, to improve the quality of production of recycled and ready-to-use materials from construction waste,
  • To increase competitiveness, demolition, construction waste, business development and job creation in the collection, recycling sector,
  • To promote the export of demolition services,
  • To develop and maintain economic relations with foreign companies and organizations,
  • To participate in the preparation and implementation of Lithuanian demolition and construction waste (scrap) collection, recycling and recycled construction waste (scrap) strategic documents for the development of the materials sector ready for re-use.

“We hope that our colleagues and future partners, the European Demolition Association and its members, will help to achieve the goals and aspirations of our association”.