The Serbian Demolition Association (SDA) and digitalization


  • This article was originally written by Mr. Dejan Bojović for the EDA Yearbook 2021.

An important segment of our activities is the presentation of new technologies, equipment and tools for work that we perform in cooperation with members and guests for whom this is the main job. The webinars organized by EDA complemented our activities related to the topics covered.

SDA opened the Digitalization Sector, started the process of training our members, and therefore facilitated its work and activities, where the products of our performances would find a place as digitalized data.

In the past, we organized a panel on “Digital Transformation”. Digital transformation means the digitalization of most or all of the processes that exist in the company and the most important of all is their interconnection.

Business transformation is an ongoing process that requires constant improvement of business processes, and thus the business will be more successful.

At the time of the pandemic, our organization was more oriented towards membership, so we jointly opened a school-educational center, which we will use for the training of our members as well as interested other participants. We performed the first training on July 26, 2021. and it was about getting to know asbestos, which we did with colleagues from the Netherlands. The beginning of the work is important because it is the first training in that area that was done in our country at all.

We plan to visit local self-government units in order to point out the importance of proper execution of works and selection of materials on the spot, in order to reduce the disposal of this material as mixed waste, and how to increase the use of newly obtained materials.

The media in our country were interested in our work, and the reasons were the inadequate demolition and disposal of demolition and construction waste, which caused public interest in our work and activities, which led to the popularization of the work we do together with our members.