“High Reach” subgroup holds its first meeting


  •  The main objective of this group is to update the High Reach Guidelines

Last Thursday February 17th, took place the first online meeting between the participants of the High Reach Demolition subgroup.

Through videoconference, the members of the group introduced themselves to start interacting with each other and to elaborate the work plan and expected outcomes for 2022-2023. The main objective of this group is to update the High Reach Guidelines whose main target audience will be demolition contractors.

The guide has an educational objective, and will be particularly useful in countries where there is no national association.

A point to bear in mind is that the subgroup “High Reach” is part of the working group on Equipment. As the specialized association for the demolition industry, it is basic for EDA to have a reference document for high reach demolition projects, the proper equipment and the best operational techniques. That’s why they talked about the necessity of reviewing this guide.

If you are a contractor specialized in high reach demolition, you should know that we want to count on you.

Join the High Reach subgroup, and contribute to the guild!