Updates in the European Standardization for Demolition Machinery


2024 aims to be a year full of important updates and reviews. The standardization related to demolition machinery is not an exception.

In February 2025, the previous standard EN 474-1:2006+A6:2019 will be withdrawn from the Official Journal of the EU. This means that its Annex, related to Demolition Machinery, will lose its presumption of conformity.

Thus, instead of assimilating it into the new document, the CEN/TC 151 WG 1, responsible for Earth-Moving Machinery – Safety – Demolition Machinery, has decided to create a stand-alone document related to this issue. This is also an opportunity to improve upon the existing standards.

The publication of the document will be released in 2025.

As a liaison organization that is a part of this specific committee, the EDA is committed to contributing its knowledge and experience in helping to develop this standard.

Aside from its work within the CEN/TC 151, EDA will keep its members up to date with any possible developments due to its importance to the demolition industry actors.