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P. OLESEN, new member of EDA

P. OLESEN is a construction company specializing in demolition, cutting / scrapping, division of wood and environmental remediation, which includes i.a. asbestos and the environmental toxin PCB.

HERCAL DIGGERS joins EDA as a new member

HERCAL DIGGERS is a company specializing in the circular demolition of buildings, warehouses and large industrial facilities, which has a large fleet of its own machinery and is constantly being renewed.

HYCON joins EDA as a new member

HYCON is a Danish manufacturer and handheld hydraulic equipment supplier. The company was founded in 2002, and since then its team has been focused on the production and development of hydraulics. 

EDA brings back its Annual Convention

EDA is back on track again after a few blank years on its calendar. Both suppliers and contractors from Europe will meet again in the EDA Annual Convention 2022. The demolition, decontamination, and recycling sector count on this special event to create bonds between professionals and learn from each country perspective of the guild.

The EDA Yearbook 2021 is already available

Good news for all those who want to know more about the demolition sector and the main topics of interest among demolition professionals. The EDA Yearbook 2021 is now available.

DE MEUTER joins EDA as a new member

DE MEUTER is located near Ternat. Its field of activity extends over the entire territory of Belgium, with a major concentration in the major cities and a explicit presence in the Brussels-Capital Region and the European district.

OILQUICK joins EDA as a new member

OilQuick AB is a modern industrial company focussing on development, manufacturing and sales. OilQuick AB specialises in fully automatic attachment coupler systems for excavators, wheel loaders, forklift trucks, material handling machines and cranes.

Long-awaited Waste Wood Classification Guidance is Launched

Guidance on how to handle and process all items of waste wood is being published today (Thursday) after a four-year project led by the Wood Recyclers’ Association.

The European Demolition Industry Report 2021 is now available

Good news. The European Demolition Industry Report 2021, a new edition of the now traditional study prepared by EDA through the responses of professionals from all over Europe, is now available.

The Lithuanian Demolition Association, LDA, joins EDA as a new member

In January 2021, for the first time in the history of the independent Republic of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Demolition Association was established.

EDA welcomes its new member: INTERAMIANTO

Created in 2006, INTERAMIANTO – Technical Society of Asbestos Removal Ltd is the only company to act in the portuguese market with EU certification.

Participation in the European Demolition Industry Report 2021 is now open

Once again this year, EDA is preparing its European Demolition Industry Report, a study that aims to collect data of high value for demolition professionals across Europe. It provides an overview of the current situation of the industry, together with a series of forecasts for the current year.

EDA welcomes BRV as a new member

The Austrian Construction Materials Recycling Association (Österreichischer Baustoff-Recycling Verband, BRV) was established in 1990 by 14 enterprises. In their own words, it is “a voluntary association of recycling companies and represents the interests of the construction material recycling industry”.

ASTILLO, new EDA member

ASTILLO is a company that has been involved in asbestos removal for over 20 years. However, its core business has had to reinvent itself, creating new machines to meet the growing demand of this nascent and rapidly growing market.