DELETE, new member of EDA


DELETE is one of the leading environmental full-service providers in the Nordic countries.

The company offers to its customers services that are critical to their business, and which require special expertise and equipment. The operations of DELETE include three business areas:

  • Demolition Services
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Recycling Services

The largest customer groups of DELETE include industrial and construction companies, property developers, and the public sector.

The company was founded in 2010, and it employs approximately 1000 professionals in Finland and Sweden. Its head office is located in Helsinki and it operates in over 30 locations in Finland and Sweden.

DELETE feels that its key role is to make the life of its clients easier and to support their business operations with its expertise. Its competent staff, superb project management and the extensive range of equipment combined with the attitude of ‘First Time OK’ is something that is hard to find.

By purchasing the entire service chain from DELETE, its clients you can be sure that all the operations will be 100% transparent.

The company always follows through with its projects in the agreed schedule and manner in accordance with the standards of health and safety.