EDA welcomes a new member: PREMYS


PREMYS is a company, subsidiary of Colas group, that gather the following agencies:

  • Brunel Agency
  • Ferrari Agency
  • Center Genier-Deforge Grand-Ouest
  • Agency Genier-Deforge Ile-de-France
  • Diam Sector
  • Agency Genier-Deforge Mediterranean
  • Center Genier-Deforge South West
  • Agency Perrier Deconstruction
  • Picheta
  • Snpr Conflans

PREMYS is recognized as a market leader in cleaning, asbestos removal, deconstruction and dismantling of structures, whether for buildings in urban areas or for industrial installations. At the forefront of innovation, PREMYS has developed a unique patent for the collapse of buildings by hydraulic cylinders called “jacking”.

Constituting a network of about ten local establishments, PREMYS contributes to the economic and social development of the regions. Its teams design and implement responsible solutions and techniques adapted to deconstruction and asbestos removal sites.

Through its activities, PREMYS is a committed player in responsible development: site safety, material recycling, energy savings and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.