EDA presents the key results of the European Demolition Industry Report 2020 through a webinar


The European Demolition Association, EDA, has launched a new edition of the European Demolition Industry Report (https://www.europeandemolition.org/industryreport/) with an online presentation open to the public, with the participation of international entities that shared their vision of the construction and demolition industry.

This year’s edition is only available in online version to allow an interactive navigation adapted to all devices (mobile, tablet and computer).

The sixth edition of this annual report includes new questions that, jointly with the comparative graphs of previous years and the forecasts for 2020, make the Industry Report 2020 an essential instrument to know the situation of the sector and to be able to make forecasts for the future, in an environment characterized by uncertainty.

Through its Statistics Group, led by Mr. Andreas Pocha, General Manager of the German Demolition Association, EDA gathers information from contractors of the demolition sector, analyzed at a European level and country-by-country.

This year, EDA launched an online survey at the beginning of the year but, the COVID-19 appeared and affected the scenario in Europe (lockdown, changes in production,…) and the next year’s forecast.

For this reason, EDA decided to stop data collection until June and conduct a specific questionnaire with which the Report about the impact of the COVID-19 on the demolition companies was elaborated.


EDA Industry Report 2020

The EDA Industry Report 2020 provides a visual overview of Europe’s demolition industry and country by country with the data gathered thanks to the participation of contractors from 14 European countries.

The publication includes detailed information about the trends of the demolition industry in the previous years, forecasts and comparative graphs with the data collected in previous editions, presented in English and the official language of the countries analyzed in this edition.

The turnover for demolition related activities in 2019 remains stable or with a slight increase, according to the contractors surveyed.

The forecasts for 2020 in Europe show that the business prospects for the current year are stable in general, although they are suffering a significant reduction compared to last year.

Almost 60% stated that they do not plan to make changes in their demolition workforce headcount and more than half indicated that the investment in education and training of the employees this year did not exceed the 10.000 euros (it will not even be higher than this figure for this year’s forecast).

In the special section with the new questions that have been included this year, most of the surveyed companies answered that they monitor the overtime of their staff.

Furthermore, this special report provides average prices paid to waste management facilities for the handling of materials as concrete, plastic, wood, asbestos and other mixed C&D waste.

The European Demolition Industry Report 2020 is available for online consultation in https://www.europeandemolition.org/industryreport