EDA welcomes Crushmash Group as a new member


Crushmash Group is a company that was founded in 2006. The organization participates in projects for the renovation of territories of the Russian Federation, the modernization of industrial enterprises, civil and military facilities.

The use of modern technologies and the experience gained over 13 years allowed the company to successfully complete work at hundreds of facilities. For this reason, this entity is a permanent member of leading business communities in Russian Federation.

Crushmash Group has rich experience in carrying out work on technically complex and highly hazardous facilities such as in dense urban areas, in the territories of existing enterprises, at objects of chemical and biological hazard or when dismantling objects affected by accidents and emergencies.

The company provides environmental support for all of its project: from laboratory research to disposal and recycling of waste, including its own crushing and screening complexes. As a result, over 13 years, the company has preserved hundreds of hectares of natural territories, not allowing them to turn into new landfills for construction waste, due to de processing of up to 90% of waste.