EDA welcomes JET DEMOLITION as new member


This group of companies has been undertaking demolition works for the past 27 years, and it has a long-term commitment to maintaining and extending its commanding position in the industry.

JET DEMOLITION is one of the leading and the most technically advanced demolition company in Africa.

JET DEMOLITION offers in-house, full-range demolition services, including advanced mechanical demolition and controlled implosions. The company actively pursues ongoing development of skills and equipment, to suit the changing needs of the demolition industry, assuring its clients of its commitment to safety and excellence in all projects it undertakes.

JET DEMOLITION is a technically-based company, with various members of its staff holding B.SC. and M.Sc. Degrees, as well as National Diplomas in Engineering. This expertise gives the company the technical foundation to successfully engineer solutions for large and complex demolition projects.

It also fuels its drive for delivering quality projects safely, cost effectively and on time.  It strives to offer its clients innovative and technical solutions to demanding demolition challenges.