EDA welcomes NADO as a new member


  • NADO, the Russian National Association of Demolition Organizations, joins EDA as a new member.

The Russian National Association of Demolition Organizations (NADO) unites professionals in the dismantling industry.

As a result of the first International Dismantling Forum in Russia, 20 dismantling organizations signed an agreement to create an organizational structure in the form of an Association.

These are the main objectives that the association has set itself since its creation:

  1. Creating standards and rules;
  2. Increasing transparency, competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the industry;
  3. Interaction with government agencies on legislative initiatives;
  4. Creation and implementation of work safety systems in the industry;
  5. Training and professional development of specialists;
  6. Minimizing unfair competition;
  7. Increasing the prestige of the profession
  8. Promoting the introduction of the world’s best technologies;

Currently, the Association members are 28 companies specialized in the demolition and dismantling of buildings and structures, diamond and wire cutting, recycling and disposal of waste, cleaning up pollution.