EDA welcomes PEDMEDE as a new member


  • The European Demolition Association increases its presence in Europe with the addition of a new member Association: PEDMEDE.

Panhellenic Association of Engineers Contractors of Public Works (PEDMEDE) established in 1935 representing the construction sector in Greece, covers all the range of Companies dealing with the construction of Public Works. Its members are Contractors of Public Works individuals as well as Technical Companies from grade A1 up to grade 7 (the upper grade), according to the Greek Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport classification.

PEDMEDE is located in Athens and operates 15 regional departments, covering all Greek regions, as well as a separate section of Construction Companies. It is the sole Greek Contractors Association representing the country in a European level. In particular, it is a statutory member of FIEC (European Construction Industry Federation) and EIC (European International Contractors), holding seats in Steering Committees of both entities.

In the core of its scope, PEDMEDE aims to ensure and promote its members’ interests and welfare in all levels. Within this direction, PEDMEDE is in close cooperation with Public Authorities, Government Representatives and Key Stakeholders representing the construction sector, shaping the national legislative framework, forming polices and initiatives and having a leading role in social dialogue. Additionally, PEDMEDE having enhanced its managerial capacity is actively involved in EU funded projects (namely in the framework of Erasmus+, Horizon etc.) related to its areas of specialization.

At last, PEDMEDE aims to create a National Producer Responsibility Scheme for collection and treatment of Construction and Demolition Wastes.