EDA welcomes PISTON POWER as new member


PISTO POWER is an innovative technology company that integrates high pressure solutions in hydraulic cylinders.

Founded in 2016 by Jorgen Mads Clausen, chairman of Danfoss a.s., PISTO POWER now comprises three locations in Denmark, Germany and Slovakia.

The new PistonPower Cartridge Amplifier (CA) is located on the function where high force is required and integrated directly in the cylinder piston rod.

The integrated PistonPower CA and generates a highl pressure up to 700 bar inside the cylinder. The complete machine system remains at low pressure:

  1. The PistonPower CA enables up to 30% reduction of cylinder size with same force available, lower cylinder weight and higher operation speed.
  2. No high pressure hoses or connections are needed with the PistonPower CA. The high pressure is kept inside the cylinder.
  3. The PistonPower CA is automatically activated when the cylinder pressure reaches the activation pressure setting.
  4. The PistonPower CA is application specific and has an adjustable relief valve as well as a customizable integrated Load Holding valve for soft and precise controllability and safety.
  5. PistonPower application engineering supports your design phase in order to differentiate your machine by increasing performance on key functions and simplifying the total hydraulic system design.


The new PistonPower Cartridge Amplifiers is made robust to targeted the demanding Off-Highway market. The PistonPower CA is designed for high durability, high speed and increased force – especially made for your demolition equipment.