GREENMIX, new member of EDA


GREENMIX is a groundbreaking company leading the recycling field in the construction industry and which specializes in providing services and products for the construction and infrastructure industry.

The group, which has been operating since 1983, began its activity by carrying out earthworks and development, and demolition of buildings in a wide range of projects. In 1989, the group focused its activity on the field of building demolition, waste management, entrepreneurship, and setting up construction waste recycling plants. To this end, the group conducted research and development of innovative technologies and used unique tools and facilities, while employing expert engineers and teams to build the first model of its kind around the world for the construction industry.

The group’s many years of professional experience includes the setting up, construction and development of projects, both private and national on a huge scale. The projects focus on the field of recycling and include the setting up of recycling facilities, treatment of construction waste and the execution of the largest and most complex demolitions carried out in Israel in the last three decades. The group continues to initiate, promote, and lead the field of urban renewal (“urban mining”) and the construction waste recycling industries.

Since its inception, the company has engraved on its banner the values of sustainability and has worked tirelessly to promote and realize a vision of 100% recycling and 0% landfilling of construction waste. The company’s activity focuses on turning construction waste into a product with high environmental and economic values, while initiating and developing green, high-quality, and economic solutions that benefit the environment and the construction public. The group works in many years of professional cooperation with government ministries, construction companies, manufacturers, contractors, and research institutes, with the aim of promoting innovation in the field of recycling and assimilating the use of recycled materials.

The founder, Zvika David, has been leading the recycling domain in the construction industry for over thirty years and in fact paved the way for the development of the construction waste recycling industry in Israel in the academic and regulatory industrial aspect by fully standardizing recycling processes and GREENMIX products.

Zvika David, who received a leadership award from the Green Building Council in 2019 for his dedicated work to promote a circular economy in the construction industry, currently serves as Vice President and Chairman of the Infrastructure Division of the Association of Contractors and Builders and Chairman of the Institute for Ceramic and Silica Research at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Knowledge, innovation, and technology

  • Construction waste washing technology: GREENMIX has developed the world’s first washing plant for shredded building waste together with Israeli engineers and industries.
  • Production technology: establishment and production of recycling plants for construction waste without separation at source. Adapting the production lines from the initial stage of absorbing and separating the waste to the stage of crushing, rinsing, and creating quality materials and products, which include green concrete mixtures produced with exclusive Israeli technology and attractive production costs.
  • Development of a methodology for managing and operating an advanced recycling industry that includes diverse processes, routines, and value propositions from waste mining to its return as products back to the construction industry.
  • Supportive information systems for advanced recycling industries, dashboard 360, production management system, supportive logistics and service management systems and ERP systems for centralizing all business information.