METAL COLLECTION COMPANY joins EDA as a new member


  • The European Demolition Association, EDA, welcomes its new member:METAL COLLECTION COMPANY

Metal Colletion Company is an international company, of Saudi Arabia origin, which active in metal assembly. Now it’s also a member of the European Demolition Association.
This company specializes in metal collection since 1997 in Saudi Arabia. They have a range of functions as ships dismantling and wrecking; demolition and removal of buildings and wholesale iron scrap, scrap and recycling materials.

Their nearly quarter century long experience in the scrap metal trading field has provided them with great opportunities to participate in public and sealed bid auctions with Aramco, SABIC, Saudi Electricity Company, Saudi Telecom Company, Saline Water Conversion Corporation, government trusts and municipalities and other public and private sector companies.

Success and achievement of goals is based on partnership, job satisfaction, quality, transparency and trust.