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EDA presents the European Demolition & Decontamination Annual Convention 2018

After the DDR Forum & Expo 2017, held in June in Brussels, the European Demolition Association, EDA, organizes its Annual Convention 2018 in June 7-9, in Vienna (Austria), this time focus on demolition and decontamination.

REALCON, new member of EDA

REALCON offers environmental friendly demolition and remediation in eastern Denmark.

EDA welcomes a new member: KOMATSU

Komatsu Europe International n.v. (KEISA) is the European Headquarter of the Komatsu Group, which is based in Tokyo, Japan.

The European Demolition Industry Report 2017 in now available

The European Demolition Industry Report 2017 includes detailed information about the trends of
the demolition industry in 2015-2016, forecasts and specific information.

EDA welcomes a new member: PROTEC GROUPE

Since more than 20 years, the PROTEC GROUPE offers its experience in the protection and prevention of environment risks

DDR Forum & Expo 2017, the foundation stone for the future’s Circular Economy event

DDR Forum & Expo 2017 was an event never seen before, where professionals from different trades, but all related between them, had the opportunity to meet each other thanks to the same goal: go towards the Circular Economy.

EDA welcomes a new member: ANTEA GROUP

ANTEA Group is an international engineering and environmental consulting firm that combines strategic thinking and multidisciplinary perspectives with technical expertise and pragmatic action to effectively solve client challenges while delivering sustainable results for a better future.

The DDR Forum & Expo 2017 picks up speed

The European Demolition Association, EDA, in charge of the DDR Forum & Expo 2017, is glad to announce the event is following the road plan designed.

VTN EUROPE, new member of EDA

Founded in 1973 by Mr. Nerio Vaccaro, VTN Europe has evolved from a small Italian excavator bucket manufacturer into becoming an extremely well known and leading brand of a leading hydraulic attachment manufacturer on the European and World market.

LEOTECH, new member of EDA

LEOTECH is a leading company in the design and manufacturing of machines and systems for dust and odour suppression.

Forum and Expo DDR 2017, with the support of the European Commission

The European Demolition Association, EDA, has the support of the European Commission in the organization of the Forum & Expo DDR 2017.

Less than 100 days to the Forum and Expo DDR 2017!

From the 14th to the 16th of June, in Brussels, there will be held this event focus on demolition, decontamination, recycling, as well as the Circular Economy.

The DDR 2017 closed its conference program

The organization of the Forum and Expo DDR 2017 has already closed all the topics will be covered, which are focus on EU initiatives and legislation, projects, case studies and best practices, to make a total of 30 sessions with the participation of almost 100 speakers, panelists and moderators.