Participation in the European Demolition Industry Report 2021 is now open


  • EDA is already working on European Demolition Industry Report 2021.
  • Any demolition professional can now participate in the study: suppliers and contractors.

Once again this year, EDA is preparing its European Demolition Industry Report, a study that aims to collect data of high value for demolition professionals across Europe. It provides an overview of the current situation of the industry, together with a series of forecasts for the current year.

Participation is very simple: we collect the survey data from two separate questionnaires, one for contractors and one for suppliers, which allows us to better understand the market, providing an overview of the trends of the trade in Europe.

Moreover, as we are talking about a Europe-wide study, the surveys are differentiated by country. So, in addition to obtaining general results for the entire continent, the study also obtains specific results for each of these countries.

The surveys are conducted through a specialized platform, which will be active from April 12th to May 21st, 2021.

Completing the survey only takes 5-10 minutes and that time spent translates into:

  • Generating a reference document for companies and entities related to demolition.
  • Providing a global vision of the trade in Europe.
  • Provide tools for greater visibility and recognition of demolition.

All responses are anonymous and can not be identified in any way who responds.

In exchange for their participation, all respondents will have full and free access to the study, which will be available in an online version.

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