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EDA Webinar: The infinite life of metals in construction

+ Mr. Christian Leroy, MFB
+ Mr. Robert Pinter, European Copper Institute
+ Mr. Dries Van Hout, European Aluminium
+ Mr. Bruno Dursin, EGGA

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EDA Webinar: Best practices for pre-demolition audits

+ Ms. Margareta Wahlström, VTT
+ Mr. Petr Hradil, VTT
+ Mr. Alfonso Arevalillo, TECNALIA
+ Mr. David García, TECNALIA
+ Mr. Miguel Mateos, TECNALIA

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EDA Webinar: Liability for soil and groundwater contamination at industrial facilities

+ Mr. Gaspar Baleriola, TAUW Iberia
+ Mr. Mohamed Gharbi, TAUW Deutschland

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EDA Webinar: Guides about Attachments and Carriers for demolition and recycling

+ Mr. Gordon Hambach, EPIROC
+ Mr. Philippe Boehrer, LIEBHERR
+ Mr. Patrick Frye, CARDEM
+ Mr. Gilles Ronnet, CATERPILLAR