EDA Webinar: Steel, reuse & Circular Economy


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Steel, reuse & Circular Economy


The webinar “Steel, reuse & Circular Economy” was held on the 31st of January at 15:00h (Brussels) and was given by Mr. Carlos del Castillo, a representative of ECCS

The main objective of the webinar was to give a good vision of what is possible, what tools are available and what remains to be done in the demolition industry in regards to steel and circular economy.


  • Part 1: Presentation
    • What is EDA?
    • What is ECCS ?
    • Why do we do this webinar?
  • Part 2: The role of reuse in Sustainable Construction:
    • What is Sustainable Construction?
    • How does Circular Economy fit in Sustainable Construction?
    • What are the environmental benefits of Circular Economy?
    • Is Reuse the optimal End of Life option of construction materials?
  • Part 3: Steel and reuse in Construction:
    • How can steel be reused?
    • Steel as reusability key enabling material.
    • What are the environmental and economic benefits associated to steel reuse?
    • What are some examples of this?
  • Part 4: Opportunities for the Demolition Industry:
    • What is the current scenario?
    • What are the forecasts for the reclaimed steel market?
    • How are reusable materials identified in buildings?
    • How is steel recovered?
    • How is reclaimed steel reintroduced into the market?
  • Part 5: Challenges for the Demolition Industry:
    • Collaborating along the supply chain.
    • Developing optimal tools & methodologies for material recovery and re-use.
    • Consolidating a common legal and regulatory framework.
  • Part 6: Questions and comments from participants


Mr. Carlos del Castillo


Mr. Erik Sandonis

EDA Member

Practical information

DateJanuary 31st, 2023
VideoRecording of the webinar
Duration43 minutes
FormatOn-line: The video is available at the bottom of this page for logged in users with valid access.
Conference bookIncludes all the slides presented by the speakers
Pages30 pages
FormatOn-line: The document is available at the bottom of this page for logged in users with valid access.


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