EDA Annual Convention 2021



In 2021, the European Demolition Association, EDA, will be celebrating its Annual Convention, in Belgrade (SERBIA) on 10th to 12th June.

As the most relevant and important event of the year for EDA, this convention will combine professional contents, exhibition and networking opportunities, with leisure activities.


General information and marketing opportunities

Download the catalogue of the EDA Annual Convention 2021


Aims and goals

 This event has the following main goals, for collaborating and organizing entities:

  • Inform participants on the activity of this specialized industry
  • Promote the collaboration and interaction of the professionals and companies of the sector
  • Create a frame of reference for the debate and the collaboration between different companies (contractors, suppliers, research centers, etc.) and related entities.
  • Provide opportunities to make new contacts with professional of the industry.
  • Make these professionals’ reality and main challenges public



This event mainly addresses:

  • National Associations of the industry
  • Managers from this sector: contractors, suppliers, engineering, etc.
  • Professionals from different profiles of the organizing association
  • Professionals from other related entities related to the industry
  • Experts and designers related to this specialized industry.

The EDA Annual Convention 2021 will be possible thanks to our sponsors